I promised some frock-related posts this month, and they’re on their way!

First up is my favourite dress, my yellow shift dress. It’s a vintage Sandra Terry Australian made one, bought off my darling friend Anna! Shift dresses were first made popular in the 1960s, when clothing manufacturing became cheaper and skirt lengths became shorter. Shift dresses are no fuss and super flattering 🙂


Yellow Shift Dress photo by Jaclyn Rogerson


Bold Mondrian graphics, black and white, op art, psychedelia, space-age looks- the 1960s is definitely my favourite era of clothing!


Audrey Hepburn in Space Age

  • Biba Fashion House: When I was in London I visited Brighton when they were having the Biba retrospective exhibition on at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. Although I couldn’t afford to go in, there was amazing retro memorabilia of the fashion house for sale, and I bought my sister a compact mirror from there (ah, museum shops are always so good!).
  • Mary Quant was another fashion pioneer who made shift dresses popular.

Mary Quant Mini-skirt


Mary Quant 1960s

  • I remember looking at photos of Jean Shrimpton in high school (when I was fascinated by retro fashion) and thinking she was the most beautiful person in the world. And brave for going to the Melbourne Cup without a hat, gloves and rocking a mini-skirt. How fab!


Jean Shrimpton with shocked onlookers!

  • And what would a post about 1960s fashion be without photos of Twiggy ?



For the rest of October I’m raising money to donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. You can donate here to my campaign as part of Frocktober. Thank you in advance. xo


Laurence & Luna’s empowering patch

Having the flu seemed to bring out my creative side. With the weather warming up and being relatively stuck inside due to needing copius amounts of sleep+tea+ginger+honey+lemon+and tissues I kind of went a bit crazy. It’s strange spending so much time alone without talking to anyone or doing anything without people because everyone was at work or at university like proper adults.

I decided I don’t like being sick, but it was probably my body’s way of telling me to slow down. And while I’ve completely lost my voice and my breathing is still horribly wraspy, I think I’m on the mend!

Enough rambling. Here is what I made to combat the crazys and I am incredibly

proud of my ability to (sort-of) successfully use my sewing machine.


First up was sewing on some sweet black bobbly bunting onto the front.

Now this was so much harder than it looks! It was at the seam where the two pieces of denim joined. And being only a total newbie to the whole sewing thing, I only had really thick blunt tapestry needles. Anyway, I discovered the use of thimbles. Never again will I silently say to myself they are ridiculously small and probably pointless.

I decided to use my new patch from Laurence & Luna to upcycle a vest I bought (and still haven’t paid Lib for-soz Lib).


Hot pink thread! So fun. The purple floral is part of a sheet I cut up. It’s my favourite!

I have two pillowcases in the same fabric I’m NOT cutting up but will use on my bed.

Pretty for spring don’t you think?

Picture by mumsy! Dad’s new Triumph 4a is to the left of me, we went to Baskerville Racecourse to see the historic cars racing 🙂

The vest in action!

_ _ _  _ _ _ _

BettyMag Update:

Selling preorders here of issue 3!  I’ve been preparing all the envelopes so that they can be sent out straight away after I pick them up from the printers! My new ‘get excited’ stamp from Elise Blaha arrived in the mail and I’ve been busily stamping away and getting excited! xxx


Pre-order packaging!

I’ve had such a pearler of a day!

M, L and I all had the day off.

After a lovely chai tea date with D this morning, I went to the regular South Hobart tip-shop on my lonesome to suss out some bargains. I was stopped in my tracks by the cutest bike I have ever seen in my life on the pathway going up to the shop.

It’s a retro, early 1970s Peugeot Nouveau fold up bike.

The best bit? IT IS FOR A SMALL PERSON like me. And, it is in pretty good condition!

I took it straight to D’s for assessment and he said I’ll need to do a little bit of work on it but it should be fine. Now all I need is a funky helmet, some elbow grease to get all the rust off and to fix up the tyres.

HOOOORRAAAYYY for spring times on my new bike!

After lunch, M, L and I tried out a new cafe around the corner; The Pollen Tea Room. We had a pot of tea each. I had a Goji Berry and Chrysanthemum tea, Lib had a Moroccan Mint, and M had a Spicy Chai tea. Delish!

M and I then checked out the Glenorchy tip-shop, where she bought a ladder for the garden for putting potted herbs on, it looks mega cute.

To top off the most fabulous day off, it was SO lovely and warm, the sun was shining and it go up to 23 degrees!

Happy happy!

A few pictures in my amazing new dress (eating a muffin). The brand is “4Bidden” and it’s designed in Australia. It’s so 70s! It has cherries and strawberries on it, with a side wrap and tie with string. It was so much fun in the wind, I could make a human sail in it!

I hope you’ve had a fabbo Thursday.

Let me know what you’ve been up to!

xo L

Yesterday I went to the tip-shop for a little browse, not looking for anything in particular when I spied this amazing 1950s plastic sun chair! Love at first sight.

I was just picking it up when a woman came up the path and told me I’d just beat her to it, and that they’re as rare as hen’s teeth. I almost felt like giving it to her but I told her I’d recently seen one at city mission launceston for $65 and it was a childs size! i hope she makes the trip north for the childs one as she had two little children in tow.

Anyway, I ended up paying only $2.50 for it!

On my way out a beautiful looking woman in her 60s stopped me and said she had a yellow chair just like this one when she was 16. She called them papasan chairs. She told me I should reweave it red.

It does need a lot of work but I’m happy to put the effort in. Now I just need to find some plastic to weave it. Undecided on the colour, thinking perhaps a soft pink and white?

Something like these cuties?

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes and make a DIY out of it.

We just got back from the tip again, this time taking green waste.

Happy Sunday!


I have a new obsession, pottery from west Germany, c1950s to the 1970s

Shapes, colours and textures, they’re so bright and cheery!

I bought my first piece on the weekend, the first of (hopefully) many more to come.

It’s a late 1960s red vase.

My first piece of west german pottery

It was only $28 from a new shop in town called Petit Marche. I love finding new shops!

The clock is also a vintage german alarm clock by Diehl.

How was your weekend?


Hello! It’s that day again, (drum roll please) Thrifty Thursday!

Today Lib and I went out to Kingston to check out Lifeline Chosen Pieces, Salvos and Red Cross!

We got some awesome bargains.

My favourite thing I bought today was this watermelon jug for $4.

I also scored a black suede high-waisted miniskirt for $10.

This beautiful scarf for $3

And this pink velvet top, new with tags for $10.

In my new top, skirt and scarf- $23 outfit


Here is Libby and her stuff she bought 🙂 She already has the most overflowing wardrobe(s) of anybody ever but she always manages to find more stuff.

Lib and her earrings she bought today from Red Cross

She bought this beautiful (fake) fur coat, pink dress, a few skirts and lots of earrings.

Oh Oh! And I scored this! Josie and the Pussycats Cd.

It brings back memories of grade 5/6 talent quest when two friends and I ‘attempted’ to be Josie and the Pussycats on stage. We made handmade tails and ears in preparation. We (sorta) knew all the words to their main song. We wanted to rock so bad. Alack!

One of my friends chickened out on the costume bit so we did it without costumes. I forgot the lyrics.

I remember crying after we had come off stage and being comforted by some younger children. Aha! Primary school.

We’re watching the movie Josie and the Pussycats now. Hehe.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Thursday!




Welcome to a new series; Thrifty Thursdays!

I’ll be showcasing each Thursday either a new set of vintage and retro finds that I’ve recently found or a collection of items from my wardrobe.

Hope you enjoy it.


1. Blue beauty case, $5 from Vinnies

Perfect condition


2. 1960s Magazine rack, $2.50 – possible DIY project? Would look awesome in a neon pink!



1960s Magazine Rack



3. Vintage floral sheet set $3-  City Mission

Vintage floral sheet


4. Two Spice Girls books! $1 each (I gave one each to my housemates heh.)

Spice Girls

The Spice Girls, x 2!


5. Gorgeous 1960s floral steel bin, $2


1960s floral bin

1960s Vintage Floral Steel bin


6. 1950s Pink sundress, $7.50


1950s watermelon pink sun dress

Me in the dress!

What have you found recently?