Lib and I on our birthday weekend, in front of a water taxi which took us to the pub!

Things that have been hip-hop-happening lately;

1. BettyMag is finally at the printers! So proud/happy/excited/relieved. It should be finished printing by Wednesday, the day I fly out. I’m hoping to secure all stockists for my sister to distribute whilst I’m away. Very exciting!

I’ve decided to go seasonal with the magazine so launching issue 1 as a Summer issue. There are some awesome contributions by local women in it- I can’t wait to see people’s responses.

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 9.52.12 AMThe front cover!

2. EUROPE on Wednesday. Soooo nervous!! I am really worried about getting homesick and culture shock.

Lib bought me the Lonely Planet guide to London and I’ve been flipping through it getting more and more excited as well as overwhelmed! How am I supposed to fit it all in?? Insane.

It was 36 degrees here today so I’m kind of looking forward to the cold again, it’s what I’m used to.

I’ve got some new tightology tights, ‘art teacher’ red walking shoes and my suitcase waiting to be packed.

I cannot wait to see Victoria (otherwise known as Feeley)- my best friend from high school ❤ ❤ eeeh!! I’ll be staying at her house in London!


                                                           Feeley and I, circa 2007

3. Moving house!  I have been frantically packing up all my crap and storing it at Damon’s. It’s been giving me the worst hayfever from all the dust.

I decided it was time to move out of Kelly Street, as much as I have loved my time there (although there have been definite ups and downs). I’ve spent a good four years there, my first home away from home. Time to move on to bigger, brighter and space-yer things.
I’m moving in with Nao, Alex and Mahain which should be a good balance. We’ve applied for a house in the CBD with floorboards and a chandelier, gosh I hope we get it! Whilst the real estate agent has called us to say we have their approval we have to wait for the owners to give it the AOK.

I cannot wait to get back from my travels and get into a groove at a new place. For my birthday, Damon printed out a huge 4 x A4 by 4 x A4 photograph of us for me to put above my bed. I will definitely put up pictures once it’s in place!

Speaking of the wonderful Damon, he found out today he got First Class honours ! And I can officially graduate because I passed cognitive neuroscience and psychological assessment units!

Happy days.



I finished my degree today! Officially have a Bachelors degree in sociology and psychology.

I think my mum is the most pleased, I don’t think she handle another year of me doing my degree, she just wants me to ‘get my piece of paper’.. Hah.

I started a few months after I turned 18 in 2008, and finished today as an (almost 23) 22 year-old in 2012. It’s been a long time coming, you could say!

It feels great! Hooray! Bring on the future!

I had a yummy souvalaki and some beers and then went out for dinner to celebrate.

————————————– ❤ —————-

In other news, I sold a few items at Re-Loved Market yesterday and made $65 profit 🙂

It went straight into my kitty for Europe

I’m selling a few items on facebook still, including the items below. Hopefully I can make my target of $3000 before I leave! I’m also going to try and contact some people this week to sell some old artworks.

Holidays here we come!!!!

Because blogging is the ultimate for procrastination.

I just wanted to share with the world some interesting things I’ve learnt this semester in cognitive neuroscience, because well, it’s nice to learn something new.


Star nosed moles (like platypi) have huge, highly specialised representations for their noses in their sensory cortex.  The star-nosed mole has evolved a number of movable appendages used for exploration, capturing and feeding.

More importantly, how have I not heard about this animal before my 22nd year of life?




In the 1970s, Russian scientists bred over twenty generations of silver foxes using only the most ‘tame’ animals (as defined by behaviours most domesticated-like). After twenty generations, the animals which should have been afraid of humans were acting like dogs. Not only did their behaviour change, but physical changes too; their bushy, straight tails began to curve like a dogs, their ears began to flop like dogs and spots began to appear on their fur. This is evidence that genes are not singular, genes manifest in groups of features. As the characteristic of foxy behaviour was bred out, so too were physical features.

Now apparently you can purchase these domesticated foxes! I want one. How cute 🙂




The amygdala (pronounced amig-dull-ah) is vital in processing emotions. Patients with severe bi-lateral amygdala damage cannot see or recognise ‘fear’ in people’s faces. They can correctly conceptualise fear, and identify joy, anger and sadness in facial expressions but cannot identify fear.




Our ability to smell is continually being modulated by changes in the size of our nasal passages-one nostril at a time is always dominant over the other. This means one nostril is enlarged to allow greater input airflow for optimal accuracy in perceiving odors for both high and low rates of absorption.


There have been correlations found between finger length and intelligence.

Correlations for the length of the ring finger being longer than the index finger suggest a higher verbal IQ, whilst a longer index finger compared to ring finger suggest a higher spatial IQ. Weird!


Let me know if you have anything to add to this.


Study mode, showing off sparkly nails

November is going to be another busy month!

Libby’s, Damon’s and my birthday all fall in the next few weeks which makes it very fun filled.

A few life changing things are going to also happen this November.

I’m going to finally publish Betty and finish off the last exam for my Bachelor of Arts degree, with double majors in Psychology and Sociology (although I’ll be in europe over graduation). Exciting !

Here is a list of my plans:

  1. Finish off my undergraduate degree! – my last exam is on Monday. Bring it.
  2. Publish Betty finally! – this is something I’ve been wanting to do for soooo long but my health, uni and life has always gotten in the way. Not this month!
  3. Save like crazy for London town – working, babysitting, selling stuff. I need to make this happen.
  4. Wear nail polish everyday. – just ‘cos.
  5. Keep downsizing my belongings, through markets and giving – less junk, less clutter. There are so many things that I have that I don’t need.
  6. Do radio training so I can be confident on the buttons – really looking forward to this one! I need to give Holly a break (although she does such a good job)- i’ve been evading learning the buttons for awhile now.. time to step up!
  7. Make Damon his birthday present – already bought one part of his present today, now just have to ‘make’ it. I’ve been inspired by a fellow blogger, you’ll see it soon 🙂
  8. Celebrate turning 23 with the lovely Lib! – gah! Our birthdays are neighbours 🙂
  9. Walk in the Christmas pageant supporting Amnesty International – again, really looking forward to this one. I’ll post more about it when I know what’s involved.
  10. See my little sister! – She’s flying down from Brisbane around the middle of the month. She’s got glandular fever at the moment so I plan on giving her some TLC when she gets here.

What are your November plans? Anything exciting?


Tomorrow is the last day of Frocktober!

Phew, what an exhausting month October has been (if you need anymore proof, check out my October wrap up).

I just wanted to publicly express my gratitude to each and every wonderful person who contributed to my total of $340 dollars towards ovarian cancer research this month.

My family members, friends and workmates have done me proud with their generosity, a big thank you from the bottom of my ovaries to you!

If you haven’t donated yet, there’s still time! Click here.

But if you’re without, you can still help save a pair!



Damon and I at his graduation last year. Such a happy day.

A very major thing I have neglected to mention; Damon handed in his thesis for marking! He slaved away all year for it and I couldn’t be prouder of him.

Fingers crossed it gets published so I can copy in a weblink on here so you can read it!
His thesis was on language and whether textisms are having an effect on spelling.

Thanks for reading,


Sometimes I wish we celebrated Halloween in Australia. All month I’ve been seeing DIY Halloween projects online and it feels like I’m missing out on something magical.

Although, October has been one of the busiest and exciting months this year for me.

The first half of the month was the amazing Slutwalk Hobart (it feels like forever ago now!)

Amy, Lib and I

On the 18th of October, the Carpets for Communities Triva night was held and we ended up raising around $650 dollars that night. Big thanks to everyone that came and supported us, it was so much fun! You can visit the Carpets for Communities website here. All photographs by the night by Jon Jarvela.

The Carpet Gang!

The two Lauras!

Lib cut my hair!

Hair be gone!

Lib being a silly sausage

Today I had my Individual Differences and Psychological Assessment exam (cue groan). There were questions where I had to describe three theories of intelligence and three theories of personality. I really hope I do okay.

Lib and I did a Kmart trip earlier and bought some flowers to pot and some oil pastels, we did some drawings when we were feeling abit low (we both had exams today). Tonight we’re having Burger Got Soul and watching Jeepers Creepers. Josh is down and he has three weinmaraners he’s been showing, Arnie is just a puppy at four months old and is adorable!

Arnie and I

Happy rest of October, and into November, birthday month!

I know I’ll be riding my bike lots in the coming weeks in between revising for my neuroscience exam.

-if you’re wondering why this post is abit scrambly, it’s because I’m feeling exhausted 🙂 –


I handed in my last undergraduate assignment this afternoon. I’ve been doing a Bachelor of Arts since 2008, so it’s been a long time coming. I’ve changed my degree so many times that the enrollment officer said I couldn’t change again (-I am still not sure if she was being serious or not).

Over the years I’ve managed to pass mostly through hard work come exam times. I work better under pressure and cramming. This year no more. I’m starting my study schedule tomorrow (after Slutwalk, of course!)

  1. Plan your study routine. None of this cram-three-weeks-into-one-day-because-you’ve-run-out-of-time-shit! Write it out big, stick it up, familiarise yourself with it. Make sure you’ve left enough time for everything that is going to freak you out come the night before. Factor in your breaks, factor in few nights off, but don’t factor in the alcohol.
  2. Speaking of delicious beverages, stay hydrated! Consider trying starting the day with a hot mug of water with lemon juice. Another awesome drink which is good if you tend to get sick around exams time is hot blackcurrant juice, cut ginger and lemon.
  3. Find out the criterion you’re being marked on and get a feel for what you need to improve or direct study around. If you know you’re lacking on some criterion, spend some time focusing on it.
  4. Maximise your breaks. None of this wordpress/facey/email crap, you need to give your eyes a break (I am especially guilty of this one!) Get out, go for a walk, hang out your washing, make a coffee. The most important thing is to get out of your study environment, even if it’s just a 15 minute cuddle with your dog and to post some letters. Get some fresh air, exercise = oxygenate your brainerz.
  5. Reward yourself! Even if you manage to stick to your schedule for a day, make sure you celebrate your achievement. A bath? Some chocolate? Tickets to the movies? A snuggle night in with your lover? Whatever. It’s your reward, take it and make the most of it, away from your computer 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to spend some quality time with my favourite gal pal as a reward for my hard work today. My first exam is on the 27th, I’ll keep you posted.

Do you have any study tips for me?

xo Laura