Katie and I at the Blogcademy

Katie and I at the Blogcademy in our amazing ears


 Blogcademy, birthday lists and new friends ❤

I was lucky enough to attend the Blogcademy in Brisbane on the weekend and had an absolute blast! Such a great way to start my birthday month. In celebration of new friendships and a new chapter in my bloggy life, I decided I’m going to be blogging more regularly ! I met the inspirational Katie on the first day of the workshop and we hit it off!

This Sunday I leave my early twenties behind officially and begin my ‘mid-twenties’. After reading Katie’s blog I was inspired to do my own list of things to complete in a year before my next birthday. You can read Katie’s blog and her amazing adventures here

This post is dedicated to my new friend 🙂

My 25 before 25

1.     Read the Colour Purple by Alice Walker

2.     Visit Scotland during August for the Edingburgh Fringe Festival

3.     Play a gig

4.     Get an article published on another blog

5.     Complete and publish an E-Course

6.     Camp on Bruny Island

7.     Open a high interest Savings Account to save for a house

8.     Throw a tea party

9.     Have a girls weekend away in Sydney

10.  Make a (wearable) dress from scratch!

11.  Learn the screen printing process and create some patches

12.  Beat my personal best surfing

13.  Drive one of Dad’s Triumphs

14.  Have a movie marathon (LOTR, HP, etc).

15.   Watch a movie at a rooftop cinema

16.  Do karaoke

17.  See Haim live

18.  Do at least two public speaking engagements

19.  Redesign my blog

20.  Do one of the trail walks on Mount Wellington

21.  Act in The Vagina Monologues

22.  Hit 150 Blog posts

23.  Find the perfect shade of lipstick for me

24.   Bake and decorate a cake

25. Do an online writing course

I know it seems like alot, and I’m going to be completely dedicated! It means making a conscious effort to have a full and fun 24th year. Looking forward to birthday celebrations on Sunday 🙂


My best nineties diva pose, channeling TLC

My best nineties diva pose, channeling TLC

I was born in the second last month of ‘the eighties’ (hint hint- my birthday coming up!).

My childhood clothes in the nineties consisted of Mini Minors, Osh Kosh B’gosh and hand-me-downs- usually from children my age (I was a small child!) and occasionally my brother and I would model these clothes at fashion parades (why Mum, whyyyy).

Yesterday on a lazy Sunday we went out to one of Libby’s sites she works for, half an hour out of the city to give out free petrol vouchers! I came with her for moral support and the bribe of a salad roll (her shout). Lib pointed out that I looked like I stepped out of the nineties- dirty driving glasses from Lib’s glovebox, Cue Australia vintage neon top, kmart leggings with holes in the bum, jelly sandals and lovely hairy legs. It was like I was six years old again, complete with food on my pants!

It was a great photographic moment waiting for customers in the sun!

Jelly Bean sandals

Jelly Bean sandals




It was hot and lovely and we were watching ’25 biggest divas on the screens outside’. ‘Caught out there’ by Kelis came on and I am kicking myself so much for not listening to it more when I was massively down about being dumped. Gosh! What a kickass song.

🙂 Just wanted to recap my sunday because it was lovely.



I promised some frock-related posts this month, and they’re on their way!

First up is my favourite dress, my yellow shift dress. It’s a vintage Sandra Terry Australian made one, bought off my darling friend Anna! Shift dresses were first made popular in the 1960s, when clothing manufacturing became cheaper and skirt lengths became shorter. Shift dresses are no fuss and super flattering 🙂


Yellow Shift Dress photo by Jaclyn Rogerson


Bold Mondrian graphics, black and white, op art, psychedelia, space-age looks- the 1960s is definitely my favourite era of clothing!


Audrey Hepburn in Space Age

  • Biba Fashion House: When I was in London I visited Brighton when they were having the Biba retrospective exhibition on at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. Although I couldn’t afford to go in, there was amazing retro memorabilia of the fashion house for sale, and I bought my sister a compact mirror from there (ah, museum shops are always so good!).
  • Mary Quant was another fashion pioneer who made shift dresses popular.

Mary Quant Mini-skirt


Mary Quant 1960s

  • I remember looking at photos of Jean Shrimpton in high school (when I was fascinated by retro fashion) and thinking she was the most beautiful person in the world. And brave for going to the Melbourne Cup without a hat, gloves and rocking a mini-skirt. How fab!


Jean Shrimpton with shocked onlookers!

  • And what would a post about 1960s fashion be without photos of Twiggy ?



For the rest of October I’m raising money to donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. You can donate here to my campaign as part of Frocktober. Thank you in advance. xo


I’m participating in Frocktober again this year, and raising funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation of Australia.

Last year I wore a dress every day for a month but I just don’t feel like I could do it again this year, it was really hard when I’m such a jeans kinda gal! Also, most of my dresses are a little ‘out there’- and when you work with children its not really practical to wear a dress all the time. 🙂

Hula Girl Dress

IN Aus, one woman dies every ten hours from ovarian cancer. This is such a horrible statistic! I want to do my part to help research early detection for the women I love and cherish. There is a 90% survival rate when the disease is detected and treated early, but a pap smear does not detect ovarian cancer.

My plan is to raise 500 dollars for research into early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer through organising a Friday Frocktail party on the 25th of October and posting regularly about dresses on here! I’m going to be blogging about sentimental dresses and the stories behind them, as well as posting dresses I do wear throughout the month.

If you would like to donate to my campaign click here. My gorgeous friend Holly is also doing the campaign, so if you were thinking of giving me ten dollars I would really appreciate it if you would do a fiftyfifty donation (ie $5 to me and $5 to her)- remember all the money raised goes to OCRF !

Thank you so much in advance!


I have a confession to make…I am addicted to Etsy.

I try and pass it off as part of my quest to support one-woman (or one-man) businesses, expressions of creativity, independent media, but really, I just love getting mail. Especially when it comes so prettily packaged and with so much love and care.


My haul from yesterday. Five packages worth!

goodmaildayGoodmaildayMy favourite thing to buy is zines, my collection is huge now. I treated myself and bought a DIY Health and Gardening book too, ‘Make Your Place’- I can’t wait to make some new washing liquid. I made a great gentle clothes/wool wash earlier in the year and I don’t have much left.

Make Your Place by Raleigh Briggs

Make Your Place by Raleigh Briggs

I am getting lots of inspiration from reading peoples self-care perzines. It’s so great to know people are taking the time out to look after themselves.

Speaking of self-care, I had the day off today and got some things done which I had been meaning to for awhile. This morning I got up early and walked with a few hundred people for Lifeline’s walk ‘Out of the Shadows’ for suicide awareness. It held special meaning to me as I supported friends who had lost family members and reflected on my own depression. Afterwards a bunch of us girls went and had breakfast in Salamanca. It was a beautiful start to my day off.

I also made some potato, leek and bacon (and cauliflower and pearl barley) soup! Yum Yum. I never take the time to just cook something I’m craving, I usually just drive down the street to MacDonalds. So today was a slow, restful and relaxing good day!




multicultural boobies

Last nights election results were incredibly disappointing but unfortunately not surprising.. and it means we have a tough few years ahead of us in terms of social progression as a country. 

It appears now would be a good time to reveal some exciting news- I’m writing a book on self care for feminist activists. Truth is I’ve been working on it for awhile, but nothing was typed up. Today I made the conscious effort to type up and organise my notes into coherent paragraphs. And it feels fucking good.



Self care, yo! We’re going to need it.

In solidarity

Laura, ❤


Today we went on an adventure up to Mount Field! It was my first time up there and we saw a huge waterfull and Lake Dobson. So beautiful, so cold!

I have a few exciting things to share with you-

1. The Reproductive Health (access to terminations bill) was passed in the lower house.

  •  HOORAY. There was an amazing Rally organised last Sunday, a few hundred people went and showed their support for the decriminalisation of abortion. Speakers included Julie Collins, Minister for the status of women, Cassy O’Connor, Minister for community development and human services, Susan Fahey, the managing solicitor of Women’s Legal Service Tas, local young women representing the younger generation and The University Union.
  • Very very empowering, very very inspiring. Now to get onto the Legislative council!! If you want to read a great write up about the debate, visit Jamila Fontana’s blog for a write up of the sexism here.

me-My poster for the rally. Mum said she saw me on the news bulletin and I was looking sullen. Haha!


2. I have signed up for Blogacademy– I get to meet my radical self-love hero Gala Darling!!!

  • I’m heading to the Brisbane workshops in November…
The Blogacademy Girls

The Blogacademy Girls- Shauna, Gala and Kat

The Blogacademy is all about making the most out of blogging. I think I’ll get a lot out of it plus it means mini holiday!


3. Ruby and I have organised a zine making workshop for next month! Cannot wait!



Eeeeeeh so much excitement.


4. PLUS! I’ve been putting the final touches on BettyMag issue 2!

  • Photograph by the talented Abbie Calvert

    Photograph by the talented Abbie Calvert you can see more of Abbie’s work here

    I’m sure I’m missing lots that has happened by oh well- happy, exhausting and lovely times.

Laura ❤