BettyMag issue three has landed! Hooooray!


Back page of the magazine by Brain Foetus

Back page of the magazine by Brain Foetus

I’ve sent off over 25 pre-ordered copies and looking forward to selling a whole bunch more tomorrow night at WoMo.


You can purchase the print magazine here through my etsy shop, and purchase the digital sneak peek (ten pages) of the magazine here for only two dollars! Woo.

Big love to everyone who helped make the magazine!

On another exciting note, meeting Gala Darling this weekend in Brisbane at the Blogacademy which I’m starting to get really nervous for!

And booked tickets to see Neutral Milk Hotel with Lib for my birthday. Yay!

November is looking set to be awesome!

April and Andy know where it's at.

April and Andy know where it’s at.





I’m participating in Frocktober again this year, and raising funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation of Australia.

Last year I wore a dress every day for a month but I just don’t feel like I could do it again this year, it was really hard when I’m such a jeans kinda gal! Also, most of my dresses are a little ‘out there’- and when you work with children its not really practical to wear a dress all the time. 🙂

Hula Girl Dress

IN Aus, one woman dies every ten hours from ovarian cancer. This is such a horrible statistic! I want to do my part to help research early detection for the women I love and cherish. There is a 90% survival rate when the disease is detected and treated early, but a pap smear does not detect ovarian cancer.

My plan is to raise 500 dollars for research into early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer through organising a Friday Frocktail party on the 25th of October and posting regularly about dresses on here! I’m going to be blogging about sentimental dresses and the stories behind them, as well as posting dresses I do wear throughout the month.

If you would like to donate to my campaign click here. My gorgeous friend Holly is also doing the campaign, so if you were thinking of giving me ten dollars I would really appreciate it if you would do a fiftyfifty donation (ie $5 to me and $5 to her)- remember all the money raised goes to OCRF !

Thank you so much in advance!



Laurence & Luna’s empowering patch

Having the flu seemed to bring out my creative side. With the weather warming up and being relatively stuck inside due to needing copius amounts of sleep+tea+ginger+honey+lemon+and tissues I kind of went a bit crazy. It’s strange spending so much time alone without talking to anyone or doing anything without people because everyone was at work or at university like proper adults.

I decided I don’t like being sick, but it was probably my body’s way of telling me to slow down. And while I’ve completely lost my voice and my breathing is still horribly wraspy, I think I’m on the mend!

Enough rambling. Here is what I made to combat the crazys and I am incredibly

proud of my ability to (sort-of) successfully use my sewing machine.


First up was sewing on some sweet black bobbly bunting onto the front.

Now this was so much harder than it looks! It was at the seam where the two pieces of denim joined. And being only a total newbie to the whole sewing thing, I only had really thick blunt tapestry needles. Anyway, I discovered the use of thimbles. Never again will I silently say to myself they are ridiculously small and probably pointless.

I decided to use my new patch from Laurence & Luna to upcycle a vest I bought (and still haven’t paid Lib for-soz Lib).


Hot pink thread! So fun. The purple floral is part of a sheet I cut up. It’s my favourite!

I have two pillowcases in the same fabric I’m NOT cutting up but will use on my bed.

Pretty for spring don’t you think?

Picture by mumsy! Dad’s new Triumph 4a is to the left of me, we went to Baskerville Racecourse to see the historic cars racing 🙂

The vest in action!

_ _ _  _ _ _ _

BettyMag Update:

Selling preorders here of issue 3!  I’ve been preparing all the envelopes so that they can be sent out straight away after I pick them up from the printers! My new ‘get excited’ stamp from Elise Blaha arrived in the mail and I’ve been busily stamping away and getting excited! xxx


Pre-order packaging!

tea time bitches

I can’t believe it’s October already! I’ve been sick off work this week with the flu, it’s been so boring and lonely-




BettyMagI’ll try and take it to the printers in the next few days!! Excccitttttinnnggg!

I’ve also introduced a new product to my etsy store; ten pages of Issue 2 delivered to your inbox for four dollars. You can check it out and read more here.

Happy, feministy events!

Last Friday night was a meet and greet at the Art School with organisations working with women around Hobart to meet with university students. I represented BettyMag but my boss was there too speaking about our work. It was a lovely night, although I’m pretty sure I was fairly drunk!

I got to meet some amazing women who I had only conversed with online so it was pretty exciting putting (3d,physical faces) to names!

meet inspirational women

The Tuesday the week before was WO MO #6.

WO MO (women’s movement) is run by the fabulous Ange Wilson and is always so much fun! It’s basically a space for women to get together and meet up, share a drink together and some nibblies and discuss feminist stuff!


At WO MO: me, Briony Kidd, Ange Wilson (organiser) and Madeline Chung


I started reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte a few nights ago, and I love it so far!


My copy was bought by my dad on the 21/4/1984 in Haworth, Leeds. Haworth is the village where the Bronte sisters and their family lived. It’s a village in Yorkshire, where my UK family is from on my fathers side. Dad always writes inscriptions on the first page of his book with his funky signature, date and place he bought his book. I try and make sure I do this whenever I buy new books too.


Now that Holly is back from her overseas travelling we can have jams again! I’m really looking forward to collaborating with her, she’s so great at guitar! And my bass playing has improved so much just from being around her! Woohoooo.


I have a confession to make…I am addicted to Etsy.

I try and pass it off as part of my quest to support one-woman (or one-man) businesses, expressions of creativity, independent media, but really, I just love getting mail. Especially when it comes so prettily packaged and with so much love and care.


My haul from yesterday. Five packages worth!

goodmaildayGoodmaildayMy favourite thing to buy is zines, my collection is huge now. I treated myself and bought a DIY Health and Gardening book too, ‘Make Your Place’- I can’t wait to make some new washing liquid. I made a great gentle clothes/wool wash earlier in the year and I don’t have much left.

Make Your Place by Raleigh Briggs

Make Your Place by Raleigh Briggs

I am getting lots of inspiration from reading peoples self-care perzines. It’s so great to know people are taking the time out to look after themselves.

Speaking of self-care, I had the day off today and got some things done which I had been meaning to for awhile. This morning I got up early and walked with a few hundred people for Lifeline’s walk ‘Out of the Shadows’ for suicide awareness. It held special meaning to me as I supported friends who had lost family members and reflected on my own depression. Afterwards a bunch of us girls went and had breakfast in Salamanca. It was a beautiful start to my day off.

I also made some potato, leek and bacon (and cauliflower and pearl barley) soup! Yum Yum. I never take the time to just cook something I’m craving, I usually just drive down the street to MacDonalds. So today was a slow, restful and relaxing good day!




multicultural boobies

Last nights election results were incredibly disappointing but unfortunately not surprising.. and it means we have a tough few years ahead of us in terms of social progression as a country. 

It appears now would be a good time to reveal some exciting news- I’m writing a book on self care for feminist activists. Truth is I’ve been working on it for awhile, but nothing was typed up. Today I made the conscious effort to type up and organise my notes into coherent paragraphs. And it feels fucking good.



Self care, yo! We’re going to need it.

In solidarity

Laura, ❤


Lush. I feel as though I have had an internal shift over the last few months to really positive self body image, or, 'not giving a fuck'. I'm not exactly sure what has happened, but I've never felt better about the way I look. It could be an age thing, or because I'm being a lot more selective about the media I choose to view. Regardless, I hope it continues. I hadn't shaved my pits in a few weeks and I felt so sexy and liberated- and I think it shows. I felt so good about this photo I reblogged to Hairy Pits Club on Tumblr, ha! We will see in the Summer time how I'm feeling day by day as to whether or not I have pit kittens. [Photo by one of my most outwardly confident, hot and sunshiney friends, Jaclyn <3 ]