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Last nights election results were incredibly disappointing but unfortunately not surprising.. and it means we have a tough few years ahead of us in terms of social progression as a country. 

It appears now would be a good time to reveal some exciting news- I’m writing a book on self care for feminist activists. Truth is I’ve been working on it for awhile, but nothing was typed up. Today I made the conscious effort to type up and organise my notes into coherent paragraphs. And it feels fucking good.



Self care, yo! We’re going to need it.

In solidarity

Laura, ❤



Today we went on an adventure up to Mount Field! It was my first time up there and we saw a huge waterfull and Lake Dobson. So beautiful, so cold!

I have a few exciting things to share with you-

1. The Reproductive Health (access to terminations bill) was passed in the lower house.

  •  HOORAY. There was an amazing Rally organised last Sunday, a few hundred people went and showed their support for the decriminalisation of abortion. Speakers included Julie Collins, Minister for the status of women, Cassy O’Connor, Minister for community development and human services, Susan Fahey, the managing solicitor of Women’s Legal Service Tas, local young women representing the younger generation and The University Union.
  • Very very empowering, very very inspiring. Now to get onto the Legislative council!! If you want to read a great write up about the debate, visit Jamila Fontana’s blog for a write up of the sexism here.

me-My poster for the rally. Mum said she saw me on the news bulletin and I was looking sullen. Haha!


2. I have signed up for Blogacademy– I get to meet my radical self-love hero Gala Darling!!!

  • I’m heading to the Brisbane workshops in November…
The Blogacademy Girls

The Blogacademy Girls- Shauna, Gala and Kat

The Blogacademy is all about making the most out of blogging. I think I’ll get a lot out of it plus it means mini holiday!


3. Ruby and I have organised a zine making workshop for next month! Cannot wait!



Eeeeeeh so much excitement.


4. PLUS! I’ve been putting the final touches on BettyMag issue 2!

  • Photograph by the talented Abbie Calvert

    Photograph by the talented Abbie Calvert you can see more of Abbie’s work here

    I’m sure I’m missing lots that has happened by oh well- happy, exhausting and lovely times.

Laura ❤


Lib and I on our birthday weekend, in front of a water taxi which took us to the pub!

Things that have been hip-hop-happening lately;

1. BettyMag is finally at the printers! So proud/happy/excited/relieved. It should be finished printing by Wednesday, the day I fly out. I’m hoping to secure all stockists for my sister to distribute whilst I’m away. Very exciting!

I’ve decided to go seasonal with the magazine so launching issue 1 as a Summer issue. There are some awesome contributions by local women in it- I can’t wait to see people’s responses.

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 9.52.12 AMThe front cover!

2. EUROPE on Wednesday. Soooo nervous!! I am really worried about getting homesick and culture shock.

Lib bought me the Lonely Planet guide to London and I’ve been flipping through it getting more and more excited as well as overwhelmed! How am I supposed to fit it all in?? Insane.

It was 36 degrees here today so I’m kind of looking forward to the cold again, it’s what I’m used to.

I’ve got some new tightology tights, ‘art teacher’ red walking shoes and my suitcase waiting to be packed.

I cannot wait to see Victoria (otherwise known as Feeley)- my best friend from high school ❤ ❤ eeeh!! I’ll be staying at her house in London!


                                                           Feeley and I, circa 2007

3. Moving house!  I have been frantically packing up all my crap and storing it at Damon’s. It’s been giving me the worst hayfever from all the dust.

I decided it was time to move out of Kelly Street, as much as I have loved my time there (although there have been definite ups and downs). I’ve spent a good four years there, my first home away from home. Time to move on to bigger, brighter and space-yer things.
I’m moving in with Nao, Alex and Mahain which should be a good balance. We’ve applied for a house in the CBD with floorboards and a chandelier, gosh I hope we get it! Whilst the real estate agent has called us to say we have their approval we have to wait for the owners to give it the AOK.

I cannot wait to get back from my travels and get into a groove at a new place. For my birthday, Damon printed out a huge 4 x A4 by 4 x A4 photograph of us for me to put above my bed. I will definitely put up pictures once it’s in place!

Speaking of the wonderful Damon, he found out today he got First Class honours ! And I can officially graduate because I passed cognitive neuroscience and psychological assessment units!

Happy days.


I finished my degree today! Officially have a Bachelors degree in sociology and psychology.

I think my mum is the most pleased, I don’t think she handle another year of me doing my degree, she just wants me to ‘get my piece of paper’.. Hah.

I started a few months after I turned 18 in 2008, and finished today as an (almost 23) 22 year-old in 2012. It’s been a long time coming, you could say!

It feels great! Hooray! Bring on the future!

I had a yummy souvalaki and some beers and then went out for dinner to celebrate.

————————————– ❤ —————-

In other news, I sold a few items at Re-Loved Market yesterday and made $65 profit 🙂

It went straight into my kitty for Europe

I’m selling a few items on facebook still, including the items below. Hopefully I can make my target of $3000 before I leave! I’m also going to try and contact some people this week to sell some old artworks.

Holidays here we come!!!!

Study mode, showing off sparkly nails

November is going to be another busy month!

Libby’s, Damon’s and my birthday all fall in the next few weeks which makes it very fun filled.

A few life changing things are going to also happen this November.

I’m going to finally publish Betty and finish off the last exam for my Bachelor of Arts degree, with double majors in Psychology and Sociology (although I’ll be in europe over graduation). Exciting !

Here is a list of my plans:

  1. Finish off my undergraduate degree! – my last exam is on Monday. Bring it.
  2. Publish Betty finally! – this is something I’ve been wanting to do for soooo long but my health, uni and life has always gotten in the way. Not this month!
  3. Save like crazy for London town – working, babysitting, selling stuff. I need to make this happen.
  4. Wear nail polish everyday. – just ‘cos.
  5. Keep downsizing my belongings, through markets and giving – less junk, less clutter. There are so many things that I have that I don’t need.
  6. Do radio training so I can be confident on the buttons – really looking forward to this one! I need to give Holly a break (although she does such a good job)- i’ve been evading learning the buttons for awhile now.. time to step up!
  7. Make Damon his birthday present – already bought one part of his present today, now just have to ‘make’ it. I’ve been inspired by a fellow blogger, you’ll see it soon 🙂
  8. Celebrate turning 23 with the lovely Lib! – gah! Our birthdays are neighbours 🙂
  9. Walk in the Christmas pageant supporting Amnesty International – again, really looking forward to this one. I’ll post more about it when I know what’s involved.
  10. See my little sister! – She’s flying down from Brisbane around the middle of the month. She’s got glandular fever at the moment so I plan on giving her some TLC when she gets here.

What are your November plans? Anything exciting?


One of my dreams is to have a retro trailer/caravan.

I’d convert it into a mini mobile library filled with feminist and crafty books and travel around the state with it on weekends. I’d take the kitchen out and put shelves in and keep the table and booth seats.

I’m still working out the logistics but I’m scanning Gumtree almost everyday for the perfect van under $5000. I’ve noticed that vans for sale on the mainland are a lot cuter and cheaper; I might need to travel there and drive it back.

It’s fun to have dreams. I might start working towards saving for it next year, after europe, 2013.

Check out these beautiful mobile businesses  Lodekka, Wanderlust, Lune and Honeybean. xo

Honeybean boutique

Honeybean boutique, isn’t it cute? Check it out by clicking on the link above.

Do you know of any others like these? They’re great for inspiration. I wonder if there’s anything like these in Australia?