Twenty-five before I turn 25!

Katie and I at the Blogcademy

Katie and I at the Blogcademy in our amazing ears


 Blogcademy, birthday lists and new friends ❤

I was lucky enough to attend the Blogcademy in Brisbane on the weekend and had an absolute blast! Such a great way to start my birthday month. In celebration of new friendships and a new chapter in my bloggy life, I decided I’m going to be blogging more regularly ! I met the inspirational Katie on the first day of the workshop and we hit it off!

This Sunday I leave my early twenties behind officially and begin my ‘mid-twenties’. After reading Katie’s blog I was inspired to do my own list of things to complete in a year before my next birthday. You can read Katie’s blog and her amazing adventures here

This post is dedicated to my new friend 🙂

My 25 before 25

1.     Read the Colour Purple by Alice Walker

2.     Visit Scotland during August for the Edingburgh Fringe Festival

3.     Play a gig

4.     Get an article published on another blog

5.     Complete and publish an E-Course

6.     Camp on Bruny Island

7.     Open a high interest Savings Account to save for a house

8.     Throw a tea party

9.     Have a girls weekend away in Sydney

10.  Make a (wearable) dress from scratch!

11.  Learn the screen printing process and create some patches

12.  Beat my personal best surfing

13.  Drive one of Dad’s Triumphs

14.  Have a movie marathon (LOTR, HP, etc).

15.   Watch a movie at a rooftop cinema

16.  Do karaoke

17.  See Haim live

18.  Do at least two public speaking engagements

19.  Redesign my blog

20.  Do one of the trail walks on Mount Wellington

21.  Act in The Vagina Monologues

22.  Hit 150 Blog posts

23.  Find the perfect shade of lipstick for me

24.   Bake and decorate a cake

25. Do an online writing course

I know it seems like alot, and I’m going to be completely dedicated! It means making a conscious effort to have a full and fun 24th year. Looking forward to birthday celebrations on Sunday 🙂


  1. Happy upcoming birthday! Sounds like you’re gonna have an amazing year 🙂

  2. Oooh, fun! I kind of want to join in on 90% of this 🙂 There’s a study that showed that to do lists are more likely to “come true”, when you make them “already-grateful-for-definitely…” lists. So if you say “I’m already grateful for definitely throwing a tea party next year”, it’s more likely to happen. If this really works (never trust science), I kind of like the idea that our brain takes gratitude so seriously 🙂


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