I feel as though I have had an internal shift over the last few months to really positive self body image, or, ‘not giving a fuck’.

I’m not exactly sure what has happened, but I’ve never felt better about the way I look.

It could be an age thing, or because I’m being a lot more selective about the media I choose to view.

Regardless, I hope it continues.

I hadn’t shaved my pits in a few weeks and I felt so sexy and liberated- and I think it shows. I felt so good about this photo I reblogged to Hairy Pits Club on Tumblr, ha!

We will see in the Summer time how I’m feeling day by day as to whether or not I have pit kittens.

[Photo by one of my most outwardly confident, hot and sunshiney friends, Jaclyn ❤ ]

    • L said:

      Thank you Brooke! xo

  1. Live it up with the hairy armpits. You’re not born to be a hairless bambino for the ocular pleasure of the unimaginative herd. You look healthy, human and unshaven. Natural. How would you think an orang utan would look if it shaved? Unnatural and no longer possessing the essential beauty of the animal.

  2. L said:

    True ! And it feels great !


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