Issue 2: Autumn

Art by JoelleArt by Joelle

It’s been so long between posts! I’m working on Issue 3: Winter/Spring of BettyMag at the moment and thought I should write about the last issue of BettyMag.

Issue 2 was released in May, 2013. Although mostly unintentional, it was a ‘green’ issue, covering articles on recycling and gardening. There was an interview with the gorgeous Kristan Lee Read on the power of craft, art by Brianna Hudson, Joelle and Moya Richardson, a recap of the Stranger with My Face Horror Film Festival and much, much more!


Copies can be purchased from my Etsy and Big Cartel stores.

I’ve also created the option to purchase two copies, as a way of ‘Sharing the Love‘- with one going to a local women’s organisation. This way we can reach more people!

A snap from a reader

A snap from a reader


Oh, after Issue 2 came out I was interviewed by ABC Hobart! I was so happy with the interview, Carol made me feel so relaxed.  Here is the link if you want to have a listen!

Photo from ABC interview

Photo from ABC interview


Laura xo


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