Glitter and Goings-On

Today we went on an adventure up to Mount Field! It was my first time up there and we saw a huge waterfull and Lake Dobson. So beautiful, so cold!

I have a few exciting things to share with you-

1. The Reproductive Health (access to terminations bill) was passed in the lower house.

  •  HOORAY. There was an amazing Rally organised last Sunday, a few hundred people went and showed their support for the decriminalisation of abortion. Speakers included Julie Collins, Minister for the status of women, Cassy O’Connor, Minister for community development and human services, Susan Fahey, the managing solicitor of Women’s Legal Service Tas, local young women representing the younger generation and The University Union.
  • Very very empowering, very very inspiring. Now to get onto the Legislative council!! If you want to read a great write up about the debate, visit Jamila Fontana’s blog for a write up of the sexism here.

me-My poster for the rally. Mum said she saw me on the news bulletin and I was looking sullen. Haha!


2. I have signed up for Blogacademy– I get to meet my radical self-love hero Gala Darling!!!

  • I’m heading to the Brisbane workshops in November…
The Blogacademy Girls

The Blogacademy Girls- Shauna, Gala and Kat

The Blogacademy is all about making the most out of blogging. I think I’ll get a lot out of it plus it means mini holiday!


3. Ruby and I have organised a zine making workshop for next month! Cannot wait!



Eeeeeeh so much excitement.


4. PLUS! I’ve been putting the final touches on BettyMag issue 2!

  • Photograph by the talented Abbie Calvert

    Photograph by the talented Abbie Calvert you can see more of Abbie’s work here

    I’m sure I’m missing lots that has happened by oh well- happy, exhausting and lovely times.

Laura ❤



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