March: a very (busy) feminist month part 1

March has been such a crazy month! Oh my goodness.

It was going to be a big one with International Women’s Day on the 8th.


Pretty poster from Google Images

We watched the ‘Until the Violence Stops’- The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler- I recommend everyone watches it here.

382277_10151367814706359_1029120348_n(1)International Women’s Day- Across the bridge with Soroptomist International

LauraTalking at Tasmanian Community Sector Workforce Development Plan Launch (what a mouthful!). I talked about how I enjoyed my job at Hobart Women’s Shelter and how I think other young people should get into community services work. I was so nervous but I felt great afterwards. I ❤ my job!


And.. I met Anne Summers today! I was so star struck my boss had to whip in and introduce us because I was literally speechless after hearing her read excerpts from her new book, The Misogyny Factor (being released this May). I can’t wait to buy her book! Eeeeh.

I gave her a copy of BettyMag and she said she was going to read it on the plane! Hehe.

I forgot to tell her I have a commemorative stamp of her.

Apart from that I’ve been practicing my mantra: TREAT YO SELF.

il_570xN.423682772_o91fLib and I attended a few ‘special’ events this month.

First was the launch of the new Mona ROMA-1 catamaran. It is simply amazing! Had the most fun dancing to the Sin and Tonics all night and met some really interesting people. Later in the month we attended the Ten Days on the Island launch of the festival and after party at the newly opened Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. For the launch we saw The Select: The Sun Also Rises, a play adaption of Ernst Hemingway’s first novel from New York company Elevator Repair Service. I hadn’t been to the theatre since I saw Ross Noble last year so it was great to do something different.


On a less busy note, I dyed my hair back to brown last week and I had a fantastical Saturday night with Ruby and Felic but more about that in March part 2!

What exciting things have you been up to this month?




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