Red Poppies

Tick Tock.

In less than three weeks now I will be leaving bound for Melbourne-Kuala Lumpur- then landing in London.

Feelings of excitement aside, I’m actually pretty f*cking scared.

Yes, I did just turn 23 last week (woo!) but I haven’t been overseas since I was 15, and even then I was with a school group, with every hour accounted for by a carefully formulated itinerary and an overzealous French teacher.

What if I miss the plane? How will I find my way around the airport? What if I lose my passport?

What if I get mugged? What if I run out of money? What if I just can’t cope?
So many ‘what if’ scenarios have been playing in my head recently; with basic premise being how will I cope if things don’t go smoothly?

This will be a massive test for me to prove to myself that I can do this.

I hope I surprise myself and just go with the adventure.

A recent DIY

Family connections to England

My dad has always told me that his fathers family were from Yorkshire, and after looking around the internet apparently Kays were first recorded in Yorkshire around 1219.

When my dad travelled to England to finish his studies, he was driving through this area of Yorkshire when he started having out of body experiences and shaking. It was later when he realised he had been passing a cemetery full of Kays. SPOOKY SHIT.

My grandpa is in this photo. He flew in a Lancaster called Betty during World War 2.

The story of how my grandparents met

My grandmother Betty Kay (nee Brampton) was from Birmingham. She was pretty poor, and came from generations of housekeepers re: maids.

My grandpa, Charles (still alive, bright and sharp at 92 years) was on post in England when he went to a local dance with some of his fellow soldiers. He said that a few young girls came up to them and they shooed them off because they were annoying. However, later in the night Grandpa met up with Betty and they obviously had a great time- they married in England before returning to Australia after the war to have my father and his siblings.

I hope I can visit both Yorkshire and Birmingham areas when I’m there.

My grandmother Betty died when I was a child, but I like to think of her as feisty and fiery, a bit like my aunt (my fathers sister). I like to think she had guts. She must have to be just a  teenager and to go up to a group of soldiers to try and get them to dance with her.

It’s my grandma I dedicate Betty magazine to.

xo Laura

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog – I’m so pleased that you stumbled across the photo. It’s kind of crazy that both our grandfathers are in the same picture.

    Good luck on your adventures – I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time. I did a similar thing when I was 19 and at first I was really nervous and worried about things not working out to plan but then I got to a point where I realised that, even if something does go wrong, there’s always some solution and you can always turn things around. I had an amazing time and didn’t want to go home at the end of it.

  2. having an adventure sounds awesome. you should totally do it now before fear and routine set it. have a ball.


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