A list of lately

First few days of freedom from my degree and I haven’t done a whole lot, but I’ve enjoyed relaxing and getting stuff done that I’ve been putting off for awhile. 🙂 List idea from Delightfully Tacky. Check out this post by Elizabeth about keeping happy.


My trip is less than month away now and there is still so much to do. I’ve got my suitcase at the ready with a few items in it but am nervously waiting on my passport.

I’m trying to save money through other ways besides work, so I have a variety of clothes for sale on my facebook page and through Hobart Clothing Exchange. I’ve sold about two hundred dollars worth of clothes and shoes in the last few weeks via Re-Loved Market, too. In BettyMag, there is a piece on Marli, the lovely woman who runs the market and how she made her market dreams come true.

For sale


Still reading Cloud Atlas slowly but surely. It’s been a few months now and I’ve really slacked off! Time to get back into it I think. I’ve been checking up on this lovely vintage blog almost every day to read about their adventures, too- my favourite links are ‘In the Kitsch-en’ and “Sixties Sunday”

Dream come true.

Working on:

As of today, full time BettyMag to get it out this month- it just has to happen before I go away. So grateful I have such an amazing bestie who has pretty much turned it into a professional magazine. Now, it’s a matter of fixing up and adjusting all the articles so they’re still relevant. It’s going to be a summer edition.

Listening to:

Oh ! Pretty much Frank Ocean whenever I’m in the mood for music, mainly because Damon gave me Channel Orange and because it reminds me of times with him. Sappy I know.

Happy because:

Barack Obama won the U.S. presidential election for a second term in office. I honestly got abit worked up over the idea of Mitt Romney in office.. I don’t think I’d cope well in the bible belt of America.

It’s my birthday on Saturday! Twenty-three. I don’t know if I’m more happy or shocked about this fact. Also I’ve been working on Damon’s present, and need to get Lib’s today! Libby’s parent’s dog Axle is staying with us at the moment, he makes me so happy! I love taking him to the dog beach a few minutes walk from my house. I let him sleep on top of my bed last night and took this photo.

Axle, the little wire haired jack russel!


My gorgeous sister! She is in exams at the moment, but was diagnosed with tonsillitis and conjunctivitis! Not conducive to exam studies at all. She finishes today! And flies down South next week (I will have to double check that actually!).


I have lazily spent the day in bed. I’m going to keep working on Betty and go for a bike ride later 🙂


I hope you have a fab day.





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