Degree Finished!

I finished my degree today! Officially have a Bachelors degree in sociology and psychology.

I think my mum is the most pleased, I don’t think she handle another year of me doing my degree, she just wants me to ‘get my piece of paper’.. Hah.

I started a few months after I turned 18 in 2008, and finished today as an (almost 23) 22 year-old in 2012. It’s been a long time coming, you could say!

It feels great! Hooray! Bring on the future!

I had a yummy souvalaki and some beers and then went out for dinner to celebrate.

————————————– ❤ —————-

In other news, I sold a few items at Re-Loved Market yesterday and made $65 profit 🙂

It went straight into my kitty for Europe

I’m selling a few items on facebook still, including the items below. Hopefully I can make my target of $3000 before I leave! I’m also going to try and contact some people this week to sell some old artworks.

Holidays here we come!!!!

  1. L said:

    Thanks Jen! Gorgeous aren’t they- I have a friend interested in buying them off me= success! xo


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