November Plans

Study mode, showing off sparkly nails

November is going to be another busy month!

Libby’s, Damon’s and my birthday all fall in the next few weeks which makes it very fun filled.

A few life changing things are going to also happen this November.

I’m going to finally publish Betty and finish off the last exam for my Bachelor of Arts degree, with double majors in Psychology and Sociology (although I’ll be in europe over graduation). Exciting !

Here is a list of my plans:

  1. Finish off my undergraduate degree! – my last exam is on Monday. Bring it.
  2. Publish Betty finally! – this is something I’ve been wanting to do for soooo long but my health, uni and life has always gotten in the way. Not this month!
  3. Save like crazy for London town – working, babysitting, selling stuff. I need to make this happen.
  4. Wear nail polish everyday. – just ‘cos.
  5. Keep downsizing my belongings, through markets and giving – less junk, less clutter. There are so many things that I have that I don’t need.
  6. Do radio training so I can be confident on the buttons – really looking forward to this one! I need to give Holly a break (although she does such a good job)- i’ve been evading learning the buttons for awhile now.. time to step up!
  7. Make Damon his birthday present – already bought one part of his present today, now just have to ‘make’ it. I’ve been inspired by a fellow blogger, you’ll see it soon 🙂
  8. Celebrate turning 23 with the lovely Lib! – gah! Our birthdays are neighbours 🙂
  9. Walk in the Christmas pageant supporting Amnesty International – again, really looking forward to this one. I’ll post more about it when I know what’s involved.
  10. See my little sister! – She’s flying down from Brisbane around the middle of the month. She’s got glandular fever at the moment so I plan on giving her some TLC when she gets here.

What are your November plans? Anything exciting?


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