The end of Frocktober, 2012

Tomorrow is the last day of Frocktober!

Phew, what an exhausting month October has been (if you need anymore proof, check out my October wrap up).

I just wanted to publicly express my gratitude to each and every wonderful person who contributed to my total of $340 dollars towards ovarian cancer research this month.

My family members, friends and workmates have done me proud with their generosity, a big thank you from the bottom of my ovaries to you!

If you haven’t donated yet, there’s still time! Click here.

But if you’re without, you can still help save a pair!



Damon and I at his graduation last year. Such a happy day.

A very major thing I have neglected to mention; Damon handed in his thesis for marking! He slaved away all year for it and I couldn’t be prouder of him.

Fingers crossed it gets published so I can copy in a weblink on here so you can read it!
His thesis was on language and whether textisms are having an effect on spelling.

Thanks for reading,




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