October wrap up!

Sometimes I wish we celebrated Halloween in Australia. All month I’ve been seeing DIY Halloween projects online and it feels like I’m missing out on something magical.

Although, October has been one of the busiest and exciting months this year for me.

The first half of the month was the amazing Slutwalk Hobart (it feels like forever ago now!)

Amy, Lib and I

On the 18th of October, the Carpets for Communities Triva night was held and we ended up raising around $650 dollars that night. Big thanks to everyone that came and supported us, it was so much fun! You can visit the Carpets for Communities website here. All photographs by the night by Jon Jarvela.

The Carpet Gang!

The two Lauras!

Lib cut my hair!

Hair be gone!

Lib being a silly sausage

Today I had my Individual Differences and Psychological Assessment exam (cue groan). There were questions where I had to describe three theories of intelligence and three theories of personality. I really hope I do okay.

Lib and I did a Kmart trip earlier and bought some flowers to pot and some oil pastels, we did some drawings when we were feeling abit low (we both had exams today). Tonight we’re having Burger Got Soul and watching Jeepers Creepers. Josh is down and he has three weinmaraners he’s been showing, Arnie is just a puppy at four months old and is adorable!

Arnie and I

Happy rest of October, and into November, birthday month!

I know I’ll be riding my bike lots in the coming weeks in between revising for my neuroscience exam.

-if you’re wondering why this post is abit scrambly, it’s because I’m feeling exhausted 🙂 –


  1. yay! you look so amazing in all of these photos.. the one of you and the puppy is now my computer wallpaper hehe.
    you are one busy bee xox

    • L said:

      Aw! His name is Arnie and he’s four months old he is so slinky and lanky!! Double the size of Pepper but half as old! I was pretty much on top of him trying to get cuddles cuz he kept slinking and lanking away xxx


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