Frocktober Week 1

My first week of Frocktober done and dusted, what a hectic week it’s been!

(Lady date with my ladies; peppermint magazine, squid rings and sunshine. Photography by Libby)

Whilst wearing a dress I have managed to jam into my week:

  • Exam study, a results presentation for my cognitive neuroscience class, test revision and an experimental report write up
  • Three days of work with the lovely Susan
  • Watch Looper in Gold Class (my Gold Class virginity has been taken- thank you to Damon, Trent and Fran for the support/lollies/free tickets)
  • Watch Final Destination 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (the first 3 were alright, then it all went downhill)

All whilst wearing a dress for a great cause.

I’ll admit it, it’s been hard. A few times I’ve come home and put on my polar fleece pants for comfort. Little things like matching socks, co-ordinating leggings and cardis are just so much harder with a dress.

I’ve raised $220 for Ovarian Cancer research and I’m hoping to have raise $300 by the end of this coming week. Would you be so kind as to donate?

How was your week? 🙂

xo L


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