My experiences promoting Slutwalk

Chalking chalking chalking,

my fingers have blisters.

Some of our writing was washed off. We were told off by a cleaner who proceeded to wash away as we wrote. We got a lot of responses, people talking to us about the statistics, asking about the event.

A lot of positive responses; a few negative ones.

One man in his 50s came up to us and was asking questions whilst we were standing handing out flyers. He said he didn’t agree with the name but agreed with message. When he asked how old we were when i said i was 22 he said I looked a lot younger and he didn’t like how I was wearing ‘Slutwalk Hobart’ emblazoned across my chest, and I need to be careful. He also made the comment that I’m lucky because when I’m 50 i will look 30. Lucky?

Maybe there are other more important things to feel lucky about, like the fact that I have two working legs, I can afford to go to uni, I’m not dying of hunger.

It was like he had completely missed the point. He told one of the girls I was with that she was outspoken (in a negative way). He also kept being ageist by saying that we will ‘wise up’ as we get older, seeking agreement from another friend of mine who is in her forties.

He was still putting the onus on victims by commenting on what we were wearing, how old I looked etc.

So frustrating. But made me realise that when you put yourself out there, with ‘Sllutwalk’ across your chest, and you have something to say, perhaps a little bit outspoken, then you’re anyone’s bait to critique. If anything, it made me more determined to the cause.

  1. shame on that man..

    I think everyone involved is doing a fantastic job and I hope that one day those statistics are wrong

    and to all the beautiful wonderful women out there stay safe


  2. L said:

    Thanks Sophie you gorgeous woman. 🙂 You must do it with me next year! 🙂

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