What the Frocktober 2012

Frocktober: The challenge to wear a frock every day for a month and raise as much money as you can for Ovarian Cancer research. Challenge accepted!

Please visit my page to donate 🙂


This will be hard cuz I’m a jeans-kinda-gal, but I’m determined!

I (originally-like literally ten minutes ago) set my goal quite low at $100 simply because I’ve never raised money like this before, and I know most of my uni peers are just as poor as I am BUT HOLEY MOLEY I am already up to 80$ thanks to a few kind generous people and my awesome bro.

SO! I’ve upped it to 500! hehehe.


Thanks to this lovely post I was made aware of the cause and month. What a great idea.

For the good of women’s health, we’ll
Raise our voices, and some wealth.
October, 10th month of the year, we’ll
Create awareness, knowledge share.
Kick up our heels, reject our jeans
Take Nan’s old dress, take to machines….
Our message is “We’re
Beautiful – no matter size or shape”.
Enjoy the month, frock up and please…
Reach deep for FROCK-ing sake!!!

(Fantastic acrostic poem from the Frocktober website incoporates their vision statement- check out their website by clicking on the first image of the post.)

Happy first of Frocktober!

xo L

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