The streets are not safe; Slutwalk

Jill Meagher, I did not know you but I grieved for you. I saw the chilling CCTV footage, I waited with a heavy heart to hear what had happened to you. You were raped and murdered like your life meant nothing, around the corner from your house and your sleeping husband.

Today peace vigils were held around Australia in your honour. Reclaim The Night is happening again in Melbourne. Issues around safety are brought into the spotlight again. Your life wasn’t in vain.


Slutwalk Hobart is happening on the 13th of October. Last year I was working and I couldn’t go.

But more than this, I wasn’t feeling empowered in myself enough to attend. It takes alot of guts to walk and stomp and holler and admitting to strangers and loved ones you’ve been a victim, and now you’re a survivor.

I’ve noticed on the Slutwalk Hobart community page people have been upset about the name. But anybody can be the victim of sexual assault, children men and women. And nobody ‘invites’ rape by dressing or acting a certain way.

I am 100% pro consensual sex. I love sex; it makes me feel good, it makes me feel loved and it’s just plain fun. But just because somebody enjoys sex doesn’t mean they are ASKING for rape. NOBODY asks for rape.

My short skirt is not a yes. Flirty attitudes are not a yes. Even saying yes and then changing my mind is not a yes. Saying stop means stop. Crying is not a sign to keep going. Slutwalk 2012, I am finally ready for you.

xo Laura

  1. awesome post. i’ve wanted to go to slutwalk in nyc, but always end up missing it for some reason! hope it’s really empowering for you πŸ™‚

    • L said:

      Thanks Chantilly, πŸ™‚ I was at a market today promoting the event and had such a good response from people. I hope you get to attend one. πŸ™‚


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