A very LUSH weekend

This weekend has had crazy weather, yesterday was snow and today is sun!

Yesterday D took my car in the morning so I braved the rain and walked in to town. I stopped in to The Pollen Tea House around the corner for a takeaway coffee and introduced myself to the owners,  they seem truly lovely.  I like getting to know people in my community, it’s nice greeting shopkeepers with their actual names.

Anyway, with coffee in tow I walked, umbrella breaking on the way, and had to laugh at the absurdity of the situation and cursed D for taking my car. When I finally made it in to town I walked around all the new developments around the Cat and Fiddle Arcade, we now have Novo Shoes, Wittner Shoes and T2! Heaven. I couldn’t believe how big T2 is! The staff were so welcoming and gave me a chai tea, I’m definitely going to go back in and buy a pack and a beautiful glass teapot when I can afford it next.

After T2, I ended up at LUSH, one of my favourite shops in town. I knew what I wanted. I have been wanting to try their “patent pending, newly invented” Toothy Tabs! They’re little tablets you nibble on to break up in your mouth and brush your teeth with. I bought and tried the Chou Chou..I love you flavour, and whilst I won’t be using it everyday it tasted like rose pastilles and made my teeth feel really clean. I really want to try the other ones now!  The women in there were so sweet to me, I also bought  A Million Kisses lip tint and they gave me a sample of their ‘Marilyn‘ hair mask!

Bike bike

D picked me up from town, he had gone kayaking that morning. We went back to my place and he helped me with my bike for abit but then left to watch the Grand Final at a mates place, so I spent the afternoon tinkering with my bike! I pumped up the inner tubes (presta valves- I learnt something new) and used rust kill and a super fine steel wool to scrub the rust off before putting it all back together. It’s something I could get used to, tinkering away, I might even invest in a tool kit.

D came back around to help me put the chain back on the bike and we took it for it’s maiden voyage at dusk. The chain fell off, the rear derailleur sprockets snapped 😦  I searched on google for awhile and discovered the original derailleurs sprockets are made from a resin type material, which makes sense because the tips of them kept snapping off they were so brittle.  Now to find something that works in it’s place! I had a look online at forums and found that I can replace the derailleur with a shimano one, but which one? Mine is an original Simplex plastic one, beautiful but if I want my bike to be rideable I’m going to have to invest time and money into it. I really want to fix it up but D thinks it might be a waste of money = heartbroken.

How was your weekend?

xo L




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