Thrifty Thursdays: The Retro Bike

I’ve had such a pearler of a day!

M, L and I all had the day off.

After a lovely chai tea date with D this morning, I went to the regular South Hobart tip-shop on my lonesome to suss out some bargains. I was stopped in my tracks by the cutest bike I have ever seen in my life on the pathway going up to the shop.

It’s a retro, early 1970s Peugeot Nouveau fold up bike.

The best bit? IT IS FOR A SMALL PERSON like me. And, it is in pretty good condition!

I took it straight to D’s for assessment and he said I’ll need to do a little bit of work on it but it should be fine. Now all I need is a funky helmet, some elbow grease to get all the rust off and to fix up the tyres.

HOOOORRAAAYYY for spring times on my new bike!

After lunch, M, L and I tried out a new cafe around the corner; The Pollen Tea Room. We had a pot of tea each. I had a Goji Berry and Chrysanthemum tea, Lib had a Moroccan Mint, and M had a Spicy Chai tea. Delish!

M and I then checked out the Glenorchy tip-shop, where she bought a ladder for the garden for putting potted herbs on, it looks mega cute.

To top off the most fabulous day off, it was SO lovely and warm, the sun was shining and it go up to 23 degrees!

Happy happy!

A few pictures in my amazing new dress (eating a muffin). The brand is “4Bidden” and it’s designed in Australia. It’s so 70s! It has cherries and strawberries on it, with a side wrap and tie with string. It was so much fun in the wind, I could make a human sail in it!

I hope you’ve had a fabbo Thursday.

Let me know what you’ve been up to!

xo L

    • L said:

      Me too Lou! It needs abit of work around the chain though 😦 but still, it’s perfect! x L

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  2. luvvleighb said:

    Oh lovely fun dress!


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