Blue Sundays and Yellow Mondays

Monday Mondays

The last few weeks I’ve been feeling down and more stressed than usual.

I’ve always been emotional labile but I’ve discovered a few things that can make my day so much brighter when I’m feeling down. Here’s my list! 🙂

  1. Sunshine,

My family house that is for sale at the moment. Last time I went home I laid in the grass in the sunshine of the backyard. Probably one of the last times I will get to (must make mental note to take lots of pictures when I travel up North next).

I feel so sexy, sensuous and energised with sun on my skin!

It’s almost like I photosynthesise and get my energy from the sun. Hehe.

2. Slowing down

Taking the day s-l-o-w-l-y.

This can be done by writing a list of things I have to do (usually in the ‘note’ section in my crappy nokia), cups of tea/coffee, a walk outside, or reading a book.

… Slowing myself physically down when I’m feeling anxious and living in the moment instead of worrying what is on the horizon…

Coffee date with D. You can see his cute face in the reflection of the pink deco table. xo

3. Bright colours

Bright colours brighten my day 🙂

When I was growing up I was forbidden from wearing certain colours that didn’t match my skin tone or brought out the best in my appearance (Think cream, brown, watermelon pink, lime green, orange, coral colours). Yellow was one of the main colours that didn’t suit me, and apparently still doesn’t.

As an adult, yellow is one of my favourite colours and I wear it! Libby gave me a cute yellow bag that I take to uni sometimes.

Here are some yellow snapshots from my house! Pretty ironing board.

Hunter Wellies dirty from gardening (photographs by Libby).

4. Cuddles

This man gives the best ones. Our one year anniversary is on Thursday! Cannot wait.

Not sure what to get him?

5. Laughs with my lady friends

I live with my two best friends, and they are hilarious. I am so grateful they’ve put up with me for so long! We went to a 90’s party on Friday night and had so much fun dancing! I fell over which gave them some laughs. Platforms are hard to dance in!

What cheers you up when you’re stressed?

L xo

  1. Hiya!
    Your blog is awesome. I take naps when i’m stressed, it doesn’t really help though haha.
    LOVE x

  2. L said:

    I should have put that down too 🙂 xo


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