Tip Shop Finds: the 1950s plastic wicker chair

Yesterday I went to the tip-shop for a little browse, not looking for anything in particular when I spied this amazing 1950s plastic sun chair! Love at first sight.

I was just picking it up when a woman came up the path and told me I’d just beat her to it, and that they’re as rare as hen’s teeth. I almost felt like giving it to her but I told her I’d recently seen one at city mission launceston for $65 and it was a childs size! i hope she makes the trip north for the childs one as she had two little children in tow.

Anyway, I ended up paying only $2.50 for it!

On my way out a beautiful looking woman in her 60s stopped me and said she had a yellow chair just like this one when she was 16. She called them papasan chairs. She told me I should reweave it red.

It does need a lot of work but I’m happy to put the effort in. Now I just need to find some plastic to weave it. Undecided on the colour, thinking perhaps a soft pink and white?

Something like these cuties?

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes and make a DIY out of it.

We just got back from the tip again, this time taking green waste.

Happy Sunday!



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