Weaving and Knitting

SO, the last few days have been HECTIC.

I’ve been filling in for one of my favourite co-workers who is sick at the moment, and it’s the school holiday program…which means two weeks of scheduled activities for the children.

Yesterday was the first activity, a crafting workshop hosted by the beautiful Kristan of The Craft Hive.

The children made ‘god’s eye’ crafts, or Ojo de Dios.

These are magical objects made by the Huichol peoples of western Mexico.

The four points of the craft represent earth, fire, air and water.

It was such a soothing workshop, sitting back and watching the children and their mums creating.

After work last night, I had my first taste of working on a stall for Carpets for Communities.

Carpets for Communities is an organisation which essentially teaches poverty stricken women in Cambodia basic business skills so they can sustain themselves and their families into the future.

The first introductory project is teaching the women to weave up-cycled t-shirts and hessian rice sacks into carpets. These are then shipped to Australia and sold through the expansive volunteering network across Australia, with the profits directed back to the families.

I think one of the most appealing things for me with regards to this organisation is that you can actually look online at the woman and read her story about where your money is going.

The rugs are cute, affordable and the process is ethical.
All-round, feel-good-feelings I say!

So, whilst the crowd last night was wrong for carpets, I have about ten beautiful rugs in my car ready to sell this Friday at a night market and a good feeling.

I’ll keep you posted on how I go!


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