The Watermelon Jug

Hello! It’s that day again, (drum roll please) Thrifty Thursday!

Today Lib and I went out to Kingston to check out Lifeline Chosen Pieces, Salvos and Red Cross!

We got some awesome bargains.

My favourite thing I bought today was this watermelon jug for $4.

I also scored a black suede high-waisted miniskirt for $10.

This beautiful scarf for $3

And this pink velvet top, new with tags for $10.

In my new top, skirt and scarf- $23 outfit


Here is Libby and her stuff she bought 🙂 She already has the most overflowing wardrobe(s) of anybody ever but she always manages to find more stuff.

Lib and her earrings she bought today from Red Cross

She bought this beautiful (fake) fur coat, pink dress, a few skirts and lots of earrings.

Oh Oh! And I scored this! Josie and the Pussycats Cd.

It brings back memories of grade 5/6 talent quest when two friends and I ‘attempted’ to be Josie and the Pussycats on stage. We made handmade tails and ears in preparation. We (sorta) knew all the words to their main song. We wanted to rock so bad. Alack!

One of my friends chickened out on the costume bit so we did it without costumes. I forgot the lyrics.

I remember crying after we had come off stage and being comforted by some younger children. Aha! Primary school.

We’re watching the movie Josie and the Pussycats now. Hehe.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Thursday!



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