Terrariums DIY

Hola! I made my own terrariums on the weekend, using bright neon moss from down by the fish pond at my parents house, and moccona coffee jars in three different sizes from work (I am a coffee addict!)

My DIY terrariums

They turned out better than I had hoped! I put the cutest little fawn in the biggest jar, it makes me think of bambi having a rest in a clearing.

It was the easiest DIY I’ve ever done,

  1. I just put some small stones down,
  2. a few handfuls of dirt
  3. and then put the moss on top.

Best of all, I have a little living piece of greenery from my parents’ house.

Have you bought into the terrarium trend? Nobody I’ve talked to has heard of it, but judging by people’s blogs (mostly in the US) it seems to be a big trend.

Thanks for stopping by.


1 comment
  1. Laura is it? I love the terrariums, all you need to do now is put a nice redback in with Bambi and you’ll be laughin’.


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