Early Spring

Spring is here! I can feel it in my bones.

Today it reached 19 degrees, the warmest it has been for months. Blossoms are blooming and daffodils are in full swing. It’s the best time of year, only three days in to spring and my winter sads are already lifting.

Today I went to work in the morning for some FISH training and team meeting. Myself and three other women are going to be organising a march next week to honour the lives of women lost to domestic violence and as our way of saying the issue is still prominent in our society.

soft afternoon spring light

I’ve just jotted down on my calendar what is happening in the next two months. September and October are going to be super busy!  Along with helping out with Hobart Slutwalk organising, Bettymag publishing, Betty book club organising, uni work, fem-tasm presenting and work I’ve just signed up to volunteer with Carpets for Communities, an initiative which teaches women in Cambodia the skills to make rugs which are sold here in Australia and the profits are sent back. I met the lovely Laura who is the Tasmanian chapter president today who I instantly bonded with. I’m looking forward to helping out with the upcoming events such as night markets, movie nights and trivia nights!             It seems like such a worthwhile initiative.

Oh, and D came back from skiing yesterday; he spent the weekend with friends over on the mainland getting snowboarding time. He has the cutest, peely burnt nose at the moment. We are planning on going away to his parent’s shack for our 1 year anniversary in a few weeks, gosh I cannot wait.

I’ll keep you posted on everything, of course. I hope you’re having the best Tuesday!


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  1. libby said:

    Reblogged this on Libby Calvert and commented:
    My gal-pal Laura has a blog, she got me interested in the whole process. She’s pretty cool, you should check her out..


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