Evandale Markets: Fathers Day

Happy Fathers day!
I was reppin’ for the children in my family by being the only one in person to celebrate with dad today.
Yesterday mum told me that dad is sick with an endocrine disorder. It definitely put a damper on my weekend, but made me so grateful I’d come up North to spend time with my parents.

Today mum, dad and I woke up super early and drove out to Evandale for the market where we had a stall selling bric-a-brac, furniture and clothing, proper gypsy style.

Pepper Pup and I in our trailer, working the stall. We had lots of offers for her.

It’s tough work being awake let alone mathematically working at 7 in the morning, especially when it’s frosty! To make matters worse, at the end of the day mum’s car battery had died and the boot was jammed shut! Hehe.
RACT sorted the battery out though. I left a little bit earlier with Pepper because I was so exhausted!

Anyway, we ended up making around 140 dollars but spent around 30 on coffees and pasties!

I had a look inside this homewares-for sale-converted-trailer.
It’s an Australian made Franklin from 1972, absolutely BEAUTIFUL inside.
This made my day!

This is the secondtime we’ve done the market together, the first time was Easter Sunday and Emma was there too. Everything that didn’t sell today mum is taking to City Mission tomorrow as they’re downsizing their house and planning to move to Queensland at the end of the year. Scary stuff! The photographer is coming next week to take photos for the paper.
I’ll be the only one left in Tas! Eep!

How was your weekend?




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