Mobile Dreams

One of my dreams is to have a retro trailer/caravan.

I’d convert it into a mini mobile library filled with feminist and crafty books and travel around the state with it on weekends. I’d take the kitchen out and put shelves in and keep the table and booth seats.

I’m still working out the logistics but I’m scanning Gumtree almost everyday for the perfect van under $5000. I’ve noticed that vans for sale on the mainland are a lot cuter and cheaper; I might need to travel there and drive it back.

It’s fun to have dreams. I might start working towards saving for it next year, after europe, 2013.

Check out these beautiful mobile businesses  Lodekka, Wanderlust, Lune and Honeybean. xo

Honeybean boutique

Honeybean boutique, isn’t it cute? Check it out by clicking on the link above.

Do you know of any others like these? They’re great for inspiration. I wonder if there’s anything like these in Australia?



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