FISH training

Today my work colleagues and I attended a FISH workshop facilitated by my boss. FISH is a philosophy about changing your attitudes towards work and adding elements of productive, silly fun into your day. It is based on four key principles; being there in the moment, play, changing your attitude and making their [clients] day.

I got a lot out of it actually. It was great fun.

Being a child and youth worker, I try to incorporate a healthy dose of play into my days at work, afterall, it’s essentially my job to give respite to children who have been living in unstable, usually violent homes. I love my job and I’m looking forward to implementing some little changes into my workplans over the coming months. I think it could be just the change in workplace culture our organisation needs.

One of the FISH activities we did today was to write something about how we admire or something we respect about our co-workers, and place it on their back anonymously. After everyone was done we were able to read what everyone had said. This made my day! My favourite one was from my boss who said she loves my passion for women (I can tell by her handwriting!). Little compliments like these certainly made my day.

Have you been complimented on your performance or another aspect of your life recently?


A webcam picture of some of the compliments from my work colleagues. This is something I’ll treasure for a long time to come

  1. halfbeagle said:

    I’ve done the FISH training too. Every work place should be FISHY. Minus actual fish though. That would be gross.

    • L said:

      ehehe. x


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