Snowy Sunday

I’ve got a cognitive neuroscience test on Tuesday I’m not looking forward to, have been (attempting) study all weekend. To be honest I’ve only done a few hours, distractions are easy when you live with best friends and have a wonderful boyfriend. Hopefully I can get a few more hours in tomorrow night after work.

This weekend has been pretty relaxing. A bunch of us went to the pub next door for dinner last night and I stayed at D’s. He went kayaking early this morning and told me before he left that the mountain was full of snow. When I got up to drive home the snow was all the way down to the base of the mountain! I haven’t seen it like that all year I don’t think. Surprising because it didn’t feel any colder last night.

I’m walking in to work tomorrow because we’re having a training session on the FISH philosophy in town, so I’ll try and take a sneaky photo of the mountain snow on my walk in.


I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. What did you get up to?




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