Pepper Pup, Salty Sea Dog

Meet Pepper pup, the newest addition to the K family. I’ve had some good times with her, travelling around the East Coast of Aus, from Tas through to Brissie when she was a puppy in the mobile home. Stressful too, when she was teething. She’s spoilt rotten by my parents and treated like a baby. But she has the best personality, full of affection and love. Last weekend she came and stayed at my house for a few nights and we took her  to the offleash dog beach around the corner. She found a new friend in a baby border collie and loved playing with the bigger dogs. She’s also getting used to the water! Here’s hoping she turns into a salty sea dog soon. 🙂 She’s a purebred fox terrier and if you’re looking for a small-medium sized dog that is easily trainable and will love you for life, I highly recommend a dog like Pepper. I cannot wait until I own my home and have my own puppy.


Pepper pup



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