Day 5: Hungoverz

Last night was ‘Grrrlz Gangs…’, a musical extravaganza to raise money for the local radio community station. There were girl bands, tonnes of glitter and a zebra guitar going for sale. Beer, glitter, zines, cupcakes and dancing, the best night!  I paid for it today though, a full day of work with kids with a severe hangover. eep! Worth it.

Another exciting thing happening is Jess Barlow’s petition to Cleo and everyone’s posts on their fbpage demanding less photoshop, more shapes, sizes, ages and colours, There are hundreds! And so many media outlets have taken the cause up. Cleo is being so shitty with their responses too, and this seems to be spurring everyone on!

Jess has been helping me out so much with BM, editing and advice giving. It’s so exciting to be a part of this new movement! Yesterday was definitely one of my most inspiring days in a long time! 🙂


The zine/cake stall, where I (wo)manned for about an hour. There were c*ntcakes, free dental dams, a music matchmaker and lots of exciting zines! 🙂

P.S. I’ve decided to start getting serious about this blog business, and work on the colours/layouts so I can make this abit more public. Tomorrow? Studying and DIY drinks trolley time!

L xx

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