22 before 23!

My list of twenty-two things to do before I turn 23:

  1. Publish BettyMag
  2. Finish Uni with results I can be proud of
  3. Spend a weekend away with D for our 1 year
  4. Work on self-love
  5. Do more markets
  6. Get a few hundred views a day on this blog
  7. Make a serious attempt at writing erotica
  8. Draft a five year plan
  9. Attend a crafting workshop
  10. Wear red lipstick in public
  11. Get my mental health in check
  12. Host a fem-tasm show on my own
  13. Contribute to Lip magazine
  14. Catch up with lots of old friends
  15. Throw a (small) dinner party
  16. Go to more gigs
  17. Do a few re-styles
  18. Gain some work experience (a few days) at a local collective/arts management company/publishing place
  19. Practice poetry
  20. Postcards to my sister
  21. Enjoy the bookclub, no stress
  22. Get back into running

Photograph by D

Exciting putting it all down in writing!


  1. That’s a great list you have there! All the Best ! 🙂

    • L said:

      Thank you Ankur 🙂 I only have a few months to make these all happen but I’m working on it! L

      • You’ll make it !! 🙂


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