Day 2: Lots of sleep

Good evening cyberspace!

I’m in bed cold and hungry, about to get up and make myself some food and another hot water bottle to skunk back to bed with. D said that the forecast is set to be 16 and raining for the rest of the week, which is alot warmer than what it has been but raining? Argh. Had some bad experiences lately with wet socks and holey boots, I’m just pleased I’ve got new little gummies.

Something personal? The biggest symptom of my cup-thieving is how tired I’m always feeling, compounded by the fact that I’m just so bloody unfit.

Unfortunately, after a productive day at uni including doing a group presentation, and going back to D’s for lunch I slept most of the evening from 4pm until 9pm. I guess I can always stay up abit later tonight and work on the e-course, but I’ve woken up grumpy and headachey.

I decided to make a new spiffin’ notebook or ‘workbook’ for the e-course, using the idea of recycling cardboard for the front and back covers. I’ll let you know how it goes and hopefully post a photo or two! I’m thinking of using the Pizza shapes box from the bin bag in my car..


Sorry for scramble-y writing!



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