Day 1: The Pink Liquor Cart

❤  Hello and welcome to my first blog post to all my new friends in cyberspace!

Lately I’ve been so inspired by “A Beautiful Mess” blog by sisters Elsie and Emma, that I’ve become abit craft and blog obsessed. I purchased their creative business e-course last night and I’m hoping to use the skills from the course into practice in my own life and ‘career’. It’s all so exciting!

So this blog is about charting my life in cohesive paragraphs or entries, and making sense of everything in my head. I want to be able to get out my ideas and dreams into something accessible, fun and creative. I’ve always wanted to write but never have the time- but if I set just half an hour a night for it I’m positive my writing skills will improve!

Today mum, dad and I did some gardening at the front of my house and took the green waste to the tip. On the way home we stopped in at the tip-shop… and lo and behold was the most amazing find! A dirty, shelf missing, pink metal, 1950s tea trolley or bar cart!

It was fate! And it only cost $5!

I have been looking on gumtree the last week searching and searching for something like this to do up, I just cannot believe my luck that it is already pink and in such good condition!

I will be posting up photos of the before after when I get the chance to do it up, I’ve got study to do and going around to my lovers place for dinner now.


-L xxx


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